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Samlinger av fotos gjennom årene basert på temaer / emner

Collections over the years based on themes / topics
Low sun
The beautiful and magical atmosphere when the sun sets or rises. Light and colors often differ depending on where you are on the globe.
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The silent talk
Here it is about objects that I suddenly notice. Often we just walk on by - most people do, including myself - but sometimes I stop and look at them. And sometimes it's almost as if the things 'speaks' to me. Or I 'speak' to them in my mind; 'What are you?' 'What are you doing here?' 'Who put you there?' 'Who has forgotten you here?'... Crazy? -sure :) -but who doesn't remember when as a child you were curious about all sorts of strange, pretty, less pretty, charming etc. objects? When I shoot pictures like this - and 'communicate' a bit - I actually get that fun, childish feeling again ..back in times when we were in no hurry.. - and why not take care of that feeling? I think we need it in our busy lives..
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